Our Voice Matters is an ICF funded project driven by the Regional Engagement and Co-Production Coordinator and hosted and managed by Cwm Taf People First.

Meet the Team

Jenny Mushiringani Monjero

Regional Engagement and Co-Production Coordinator: Our Voice Matters Lead

Through the Our Voice Matters project, Jenny is able to provide support and opportunities for both citizens and the services and organisations who work with them across Cwm Taf Morgannwg to increase the effectiveness of their engagement, involvement and co-production activities in a purposeful and meaningful way. Please get in touch with her to discuss your needs and how the Our Voice Matters project can help you through formal training, workshops, engagement tools and creative evaluation methods.


Lynne Evans and Dawn Price

Director and Operations Manager: Cwm Taf People First

Lynne and Dawn oversee the management of the Our Voice Matters project and chair the projects steering group. They ensure that the project is meeting its prescribed outcomes and objectives, and is reaching and helping as many people and organisations across Cwm Taf Morgannwg as possible.

Lynne@rctpeoplefirst.org.uk / Dawn@rctpeoplefirst.org.uk